Planet Bacchus

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Planet Bacchus

PLANET BACCHUS is a plan designed to enhance, promote and market the entire wine production chain which begins with growing grapes – the raw material – and culminates in the marketing of the end product.  The plan takes the reader on a journey, beginning from a reappraisal of the history of wine and its brand image and ending up in the present day and the arrival of new technologies.

PLANET BACCHUS seeks to record the development of communication strategies about wine and how the promotion and advertising of wine have changed. It features a carefully assembled collection of labels and historic materials that have been selected over time with great passion and now represent a precious archive which stems from the activities of a family business. The family has been involved in artistic design and graphics for over a hundred years (since the late nineteenth century) and has handled the corporate image of large Italian and international industrial groups in the agriculture and food sector.

PLANET BACCHUS therefore aims to provide a distinctive record of the ancient traditions of wine, its origins and the changes that have taken place over time in production procedures, describing the areas where vines are grown by going on a journey through wine-growing areas.

In particular, the plan consists in the creation of a precious volume with fascinating contents in terms of communication and semantics. These include reproductions of old and artistic labels, posters, headline boards, postcards, headed cards, original sketches by great artists, industrial archaeology, documents, studies, research and experiments linked to the agrarian science of vine-growing and wine-making. It also contains other historic and contemporary materials of great anthropological, sociological, scientific, technological, productive and reproductive significance.

The aim is to encourage readers to reflect on the intricate ties between cultural roots linked to tradition and the productivity linked to a terroir, a mixture of Art & Production.

The volume is richly illustrated and accompanied by essential sociological and historical information with parallel texts in Italian and English. The book will be published in a 31 x 21 cm format and will have about 350 color pages printed on 170 gm glossy paper, with stitched binding, a hardcover and an elegant dust jacket.


“Live your life; I’m coming”, says Death

to the drinkers as they enjoy the cool air

beneath the vine leaves:“Vivez-Je viens”.

Inner peace

can be found at the bottom of the cup

where humans learn of truth:

luck is a measure that does not last,

but neither is it a falsehood,

since it can be touched and breathed,

it can be caressed and it caresses you,

and it can be tasted and drunk.

Don’t waste time, not even a drop.

It is poured for you but once.

It is coming. Live your life.

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